• Brrd - Towers / Anointing

Brrd - Towers / Anointing


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When a label gets set up in order to release a certain musicians fresh output, that's always a good thing -

Label owner Falty DL has certainly done the right thing by unearthing the music of Brrd and pressing it to vinyl...

Both the new 7" and this 13 track LP are truly compelling, refreshing pieces of music in an era where individuality in music is becoming less and less prevalent.

From lo-fi, tape-saturated rhodes to Dilla-esque, smoked-out sampling, Brrd seems to pull together many reference points, and congeal them into a mass of sound and vibration that sounds true to music - free from constraint.

This is one of them records you can spin on your deck at any point in the day or night, a fantastic piece of wax that you'll find yourself coming back to again and again.

A1: Embrace!
A3: Freezetag
A4: Stdb
A5: Fuck Bon Jovi
A6: The Academy
B1: The Anointing
B2: Wake Up And Im
B3: Youth Group
B4: Erase My Future
B6: Blood Oath 2
B7: When I Get To The Pearly Gates Saint Peter Will Sing Me A Song

A2 / A3

A4 / A5

B1 / B2 / B3

B5 / B6 / B7