• Dj Gilb'r & Dj Sotofett - Concrete Guajiro / Foliage

Dj Gilb'r & Dj Sotofett - Concrete Guajiro / Foliage


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From Moss to Paris -

Outta France - DJ Gilb'r, in collaboration with - outta Norway - DJ Sotofett!

Produced in the Versatile studio, with musical input from Zombie Zombie, the bongos of Cosmic Neman and the modular synths and saxophone of Etienne Jaumet.

The result is one truly inspired by sound and driven by source.

Side A is an unhinged journey through the sonic landscape that has amalgamated from these sessions.... At some stages floating in mid-air, then hovering just above ground level before dissolving into dust and pulverising itself into outer space.

A compelling listen, Concrete Guajiro feels like the extended intro to the flipside... a part 1, if you like.

As we enter 'Foliage' the 808 comes into play, the pace picks up and Cosmic Neman and Etienne Jaumet begin the rhythmic and melodic interplay between human and machine...

Concrete Guajiro