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Ten Hyphen Twenty - Go To Earth


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Fresh box of sonics from the 'Where  To Now?' label -

"Go to earth' is 26 minutes of mutated beat led experimentation where layered Washes of ambience crash against jagged, direct, raw thuds.
Where shackling, historically organic samples meet head on with current bass trends.
An incredibly strange blend of the medieval & the modern.

Side one evokes the feeling of a slowly sinking huge vessel, and the crumbling, foreboding destruction & dread that would come with such an event, slowly deteriorating to that point of complete loss.

Side two appears to be more about what comes after the doom – the sound of new light, where hopeful synth lines penetrate the still, aquatic murk. A sound that owes as much to No Wave / post-punk acts like Implog & Cabaret Voltaire as it does to modern bass experimenters such as Shackleton and WANDA GROUP."

Beautifully presented, this cassette is not just worth it's £s for the artwork, sonically, a  top achievement.


free mp3 included with  purchase of the tape.

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