• Vaghe Stelle - H.O.P.E EP (GODREC003)

Vaghe Stelle - H.O.P.E EP (GODREC003)


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Next up on the Gang Of Ducks imprint -

6 track EP of submerged 'floor music by Turin based Vaghe Stelle, one third of One Circle.

The sunken rhythms and excavated basslines of '4th Hope' and '8th Hope' set a solemn starting point for this EP, a journey that continues it's journey in a world full of mood swings and doom... Although moments of vivacity and upful rhythm, such as the brilliant '10th Hope's skewed drum tracks inject unpredictability, almost veering into some sort of darkside kudoro-grime territory, complete with obscured vocal samples that sound like they're derived from a desert blues recording far away from the  murky dancefloors of europe.

It's moments like these which set the EP apart and distinguish it as a highly unique and truly rewarding listen.

Flip the disc and find two remixes gracing the grooves...

Portland's finest export of gritty, D.I.Y. sonics, Kevin Palmer a.k.a. 'Best Available Technology' pulls of another exceedingly good piece of soundscape with his remix of '4th Hope'... Slowly ascending out of a mist of crackle and fizz, the ever-evolving low-end muscles it's way past razor-sharp chords and glassy amalgamations of frequency, leading the ears further and further into the unknown.

Last, but not least on the disc -
G.O.D. remixes '8th Hope'.
Angelic chords feed back to the darkside and frequencies set off in journeys through clouds of black smoke as a misleading kick drum leads the way into the cold, open space just before it regains it's strength and energy, only to drop the listener right back into territory of uncertainty.

Music for the late hours and the murkier side of soundsystem culture.
Great stuff.

Served in a beautifully gritty xylographic  printed cover, housed in a polythene jacket.
Hand numbered black labels, limited to 300 vinyl copies.

8th Hope

10th Hope

4th Hope (Best Available Technolgy Remix)

8th Hope (G.O.D. Remix)