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Don't let an incoherent press release fool you; father-daughter Industrial noise duo Yeah You mean business on Krutch. Having made their mark on the music press for a string of brilliant live performances through 2017, they arrive on Slip for their break-out record which, as the story goes, was composed and recorded in a car during trips to and between Holland and Germany.

The result is a nihilistic, uncensored dissection of contemporary Western and capitalist culture, framed in a sonic juxtaposition of venomous school-yard chatter and restless avant-garde electronic instrumentals. Elvin Brandhi's inimiatable vocal style, ostensibly improvised, oscillates between a bizarre arrhythmic sing-song quality and a more pointed delivery that takes influence from hip-hop, industrial and the raw, shout-not-sing deliveries of punk music.

The result is a mercurial blend of styles, seemingly with little aesthetic unity - as the band say themselves, "each song contradicts, insults the other." Hair Moats, for example, flirts with the bubblegum qualities of the PC Music wave for the briefest of moments, before the pitch FX on the vocals start to shift and flutter, melting Brandhi's voice like a Dali clock. Later, on Discomfort, tinges of EBM and Industrial fold themselves into the mix, with a semblance of melody serving as a counterpoint to those goading, vitriolic chants - Brandhi's uniform delivery keeps the tracks in a tense stasis, the only real sense of movement coming from the stop-start pattern of the drum programming.

On Krutch, Yeah You cement a totally fresh sound that you're unlikely to hear elsewhere - it's not for everyone, but you can consider us converts.

1. Fall Freed
2. Hair Moats
3. Skin (I Have Only Lived Once)
4. Pace
5. No More Metaphors, Hold Life Still
6. Discomfort
7. SOIK Chat Video

Hair Moats

Skin (I Have Only Lived Once)


Soik Chat Video