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Yolabmi - Ordinary Days (Prepaid Records Cassette)


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Modular sound organisms and concrete ambience from Tokyo's Yolabmi, served up on tape via Prepaid Records -

Ordinary Days moves across 7 tracks with dishevelled, fractured free jazz type scenarios going on between synthesis & field recordings modulating into a sprawl of forms and shapes like some kind of 8bit deep sea travelling on 'Last Night' and into more wading thru dense structures on 'Liquid', at which point the album takes a turn into more upfront bass grooves and rhythmic counter balance, before dismantling into sparse conrete situations and dub sludge electronics later on with tracks like 'recfeel', and 'Future Is Now'.
Those chugging low-frequency focused tracks get themselves perfectly tangled up in the various clouds of more abstract sound that can be found throughout this tape, and the pacing of Ordinary Days perfectly suits this uniquely hazy headed, dub fuelled, weirdo electronics zone that Yolabmi creates.

Limited edition of 40 tapes -
We have a couple will come with an extra risoprint too, first come first served.

Normal bias ferromagnetic tape C38 with riso-printed hand-numbered One-Flap J-Card
&4-layer riso-printed hand-numbered poster on high-quality 80g/cm3 paper

1. Ordinary Days

Ordinary Days



Future Is Now