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Blood Shanti / Shanti-Ites - Tear Down Babylon

Aba Shanti-I

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Cult classic Aba Shanti-I soundsystem track, unearthed & reissued from circa 1993 -

Delivered via the seminal Falasha Recordings imprint, Blood Shanti, Aba Shanti-I & Shanti-Ites are at the controls here, with a UK dub cut that has all the life & mystery of a classic roots cut, coupled with the extreme low end necessary for a true reggae soundsystem to pump out the bass correctly.
Skip through to Aba Shanti's deadly dub versions on this disc, and you will understand.

Crucial underground UK soundsystem classics.

Blood Shanti - Tear Down Babylon

Shanti-Ites - Verse II

Aba On The Board - Verse III

Shanti-Ites - Final Mix