• Dubkasm x Footsie - Soundman Ting

Dubkasm x Footsie - Soundman Ting

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Loving the new musical connection & friendship between Bristol's Dubkasm, and grime legend turned soundman Footsie, King Original style.

This one's fresh out on Dubquake records, and we were lucky enough to grab a box of these records at Dubkasm x Footsie's launch party in Bristol last night, and we can now ship them worldwide, straight to your door and onto your turntable!

Seeing Footsie (alongside crew Spyro, Jah Model, and extended fam such as Jamakabi) step up and return to the roots, following in the footsteps of his late father 'Farda Waz', who himself was a staple of the UK soundsystem scene for years, is a very special sight, and very heartwearming.... And just very genuine and 'real' to see.
Maximum respect.

And of course it makes sense for Footsie to work with Dubkasm, as Dubkasm are long time roots operators, since the 90's, and have a history of collaboration with key players in the scene, from Iration Steppas, to Aba Shanti-I, and so on.
Plus, if you've been keeping your eyes on the ground, or been digging in recent history, you'll know that Dubkasm have often experimented with connecting the roots & culture music, with the sounds that have spawned from it, and inspire it once again -
Take the big remix series of Transform I around 2009 for example, which saw a whole load of Bristol dubstep legends remix Dubkasm's work. Or perhaps even the Dubkasm works with Gorgon Sounds' fierce style of grime-heavy steppers dub, on Peng Sound Records.
The list goes on, once again - Dubkasm keep trodding, and trodding - and so does Footsie, who has already made history as one of the early originators in the grime world, and is now cementing the status as a devoted soundsystem don dada for 2k24 and beyond, with a soundsystem style and attitude for a new generation.

Soundman Ting is a tune to celebrate the power of soundsystem, and a nod to the operators who put their full dedication to stringing up boxes, building up amplifiers, and generally breaking backs and putting in heart and soul, for the love of reggae music, soundsystem music, from Jamaica to the UK, and beyond.
Not everyone has it in them to dedicate themselves to not just playing music, but controlling the sound too. And there is nothing like a real soundsystem session, with the bass weight hitting different to any other musical attitude, and with it being played in a style that differs from the fast churn of modern DJs beatmatching their way to the finish line, without taking in the full dynamic of a soundsystem session, including the stops, the starts, and the version excursions alongside the vocalist and players of instruments.
Some make it happen, some try, but not everyone can reach the higher heights in a soundsystem session. But if anyone should be up for the job, then it's Footsie - surely that's already confirmed in his lyrics 'I was born and raised in it' - soundsystem is something you can learn, but ideally you need to live it, to really understand.

So yeah, Soundman Ting is an anthem for King Original and Dubkasm, and all (aspiring) soundsystem operators out there.
Of course it wouldn't be a soundsystem record, without AT LEAST one dub on there.
In this case, we have three dub cuts on the disc - not least a final piece of murderation from Chapeltown's baddest: Mark Iration, who delivers a heavyweight dub to cap it all off, and lay the foundations for whatever's next. Dubkasm's previous two dubs already raise the levels right up, 'Bring The Hertz' goes proper rugged, and the 'Riddim No Schism' mix is pure dubwise, heavyweight dub magic.

The whole record hits hard and heavy, and it's mastered and cut by Lewis at Stardelta, then pressed up at Optimal, for maximum vinyl sound quality and pressure.

'Just know it's a soundman ting!'

Produced & mixed by Digistep.
Vocals by Footsie.
Track 04 mixed by Mark Iration.
Mastered & cut by Lewis Hopkin @ Stardelta.
Artwork by DK Designs.

Soundman Ting

Bring The Hertz

Riddim No Schism

Vanguard Touchdown Iration Steppas mix