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Taxi Records do the right thing and bring this Showcase LP from Ini Kamoze alongside Sly & Robbie back in circulation - each track complete with dubs in discomix style - served up as a long player, with three extended cuts on each side.

Originally out in 1984, prime late dancehall era at the intersection of a more roots-sound, with hints of the 'digital' dancehall sound to come, this LP collects some of Ini Kamoze's biggest tunes.

There's pure fire on here. Kicking off with the excellent 'Trouble You A Trouble Me', we already have big banger to start with, with the Sly-programmed drum machine rhythm clappin' away in fine style along that timeless bassline from the late, great Robbie Shakespeare who is now flying up there in the sky with all the bass gods, watching down on us and making sure we got our speakers turned up.
If you weren't already convinced, well, the next tune is the original 'World A Music' rhythm - a lean, mean rhythm - once again, cool and deadly Sly Dunbar drums, and perfect bassline match from Robbie - World A Music from Ini Kamoze was a hit in the 80's (and still is, obviously) and those of you who weren't born too late into the 90's or 00's will also remember Damian Marley's 'Welcome To Jamrock' which was a big hit, using the same rhythm in typical JA (and Pop!) style.

Ah... you know what - that's enough already.
The rest of the record is wicked too! Big tunes like 'General' Well worth your coin if you don't already have the Taxi 12"s, or if you just want all the hits on one disc, with the vocal & versions running smooth from start to finish.

LP with printed sleeve.
Each cut comes with vocal + dub (discomix).

1. Trouble You A Trouble Me
2. World A Music
3. Them Thing Deh
4. General
5. Wings With Me
6. Hail Mi Idrin

Trouble You A Trouble Me

World A Music

Them Thing Deh