• Iration Steppas - Ina Vanguard Style DVD

Iration Steppas - Ina Vanguard Style DVD

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Absolutely top documentary made recently as part of the big Iration Steppas reissue project via Dubquake.

This documentary was shot mostly in Leeds, Chapeltown, where Mark Iration & Dennis Rootical & crew began their journey from dancehall soundclash in the 80s, to bleep & hardcore excursions as Kitachi, influences of Chicago House, building speaker boxes, and eventually championing the 'year 3000 style' of Iration Steppas heavyweight dub, still running the sound red-hot, three decades later.

Full respect to Iration Steppas -
This DVD is well worth owning, and you can't find a free stream of this one online - plus, you're supporting a good project, and paying respect where respect is due by getting a copy of this.