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Iration Steppas - What's Wrong ft YT

Dubquake Records

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Another mighty, mighty cut from the Iration Steppas camp, originally released in the early 00's, and now served up on wax (at an affordable price!) with a wicked lyric from YT - riding the waves of bassline in cool & deadly style - Yes, this one's 100% crucial too.

A long with the rest of the 90's classics, this one stands up tall for it's utterly, utterly fierce, yet somehow restrained, cool & deadly sound. YT makes it sound easy to spit lyrics across this fast paced rhythm and the tsunami of spring reverb'd bassline - which comes out to play in pure style on the 2nd, and 3rd cuts, so all dubheads can swim in the bassline some more.

Killer! Make sure you got this in the bag, along with all the other Iration cuts.

Remastered by Fédé (DK Mastering), and served on 12" via Dubquake.
No joke thing.

What's Wrong (feat. YT)

What's Wrong Dub

What's Wrong (Spring Reverb Mix)