• Jah Ragga - African Revival / Higher Meditation - Never Give Up

Jah Ragga - African Revival / Higher Meditation - Never Give Up

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Raw & current heavyweight soundsystem music from London's Jah Ragga, and Leicester's 'Higher Meditation', served up on a 12" via Jah Waggys -

Jah Ragga's 'African Revival' let's a looping flute ascend over full-power bassline and a stepping track, coming with a real pied piper vibe on the first cut - follow the sound! - and then going into rawest, thunderous zones with the next two dub mixes of this cut with the bassline in overdrive below clattering drum sound and feedback echos, letting everything else taking a step back so we can witness the full pressure.
This one's dangerous if you play it loud, proper rebel music.

Flipside, Higher Meditation take things into higher heights, with 'Never Give Up' and it's octave-riding bassline, sure to hit the chest just where it needs to when played on a proper rig. You get three cuts of this one too, so you can fully explore the sound of UK dub & soundsystem music in 2022 and beyond.



Jah Ragga - African Revival

Jah Ragga - Verse II

Jah Ragga - Verse III

Higher Meditation - Never Give Up

Higher Meditation - Verse II

Higher Meditation - Verse III