• Junior Natural / Sly & Robbie - Soldiers / Russ Disciples Dub

Junior Natural / Sly & Robbie - Soldiers / Russ Disciples Dub

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Wicked, fast-paced roots stepper from Junior Natural alongside the classic production / musician combination of Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, backed with three wickedly heavy dubs from Disciples' very own Russ D.

This recent production from the legendary duo is another testament to the unstoppable service the two have proviced to the reggae scenes, right from the early days of roots & culture music, through more modern variations and experimentations (in both 'the underground' and in the pop world at times too - deservedly).

On this militant roots tune, Junior Natural amps up the energy with a strong vocal cut that sways effortlessly across the rhythm section, padded by backing harmonies and in turn letting leaving plenty space for those wicked snare rolls and spaced out dub effects to sprinkle salt and pepper on a spicy drum and bass section.

Wicked tune this - 'turn it right up', as we like to say.

Junior Natural - Soldier

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