• King Alpha ft. Nomadix - The Children / Nuke Dem

King Alpha ft. Nomadix - The Children / Nuke Dem

Jah Waggys Records

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The big, bad King Alpha soundsystem go ruff & tuff once more, for Jah Waggy's Dubplate Selection 12" series - 

Topside, we get the raw steppers in three parts, titled 'The Children' - kick drums pounding at heart rate, bassline tremoring from below, and skewed digital delays scattering across the scorched earth. Full dubwise cut as the part three too - higher meditation style.

Flip it, and the pace goes up one notch, King Alpha is joined by Nomadix, with militant snare fills and majestic melodies coming like an extra fierce Falasha cut.



King Alpha - The Children

(Dubplate 1)

(Dubplate 2)

Nomadix & King Alpha - Nuke Dem

(Dubplate 1)

(Dubplate 2)