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Mixman - Antiquities / Falasha Dance

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Big, big Mixman / Blakamix cuts from around 1998 - back in press!

Woah, unexpected repress of these Blakamix killers from the late 90's - UK Dub at it's very finest - served with three wicked cuts of each tune.

If you're a soundsystem head, you'll know and appreciate the scale of these tunes - perfectly displaying that deep, meditative, yet heavyweight Mixman style of UK dubwise.
Antiquities is a big favourite here, and we've wanted a copy of this record for some time now, we've been rinsing the LP and CD cuts on the Antiquites LP, so we're real glad to have our hands on this one in full 12" style, cut loud and heavy, with each dub version sitting alongside so you can lift the needle and explore the dubs.

Served with three cuts of phasing, reverberating, echo'ing, FM synthesising depth charges on the A side, Antiquities dives deeper and deeper into the world of heavyweight dub, Blakamix style - turn it up nice & loud for maximum enjoyment.

Flipside, the great Falasha Dance awaits....
This one goes deep into heavyweight dub styles too, but there's a real nice 90's / late 80's dancehall flavour in there as well -
Pure niceness, and sure to rattle in positive style and fashion on a big soundsystem, back then, and in years to come!

Timeless classics that belong in everyone's record collection, no matter what style of music you usually follow.

A1 Antiquities
A2 Antiquities (2nd Cut)
A3 Antiquities (3rd Cut)
AA1 Falasha Dance
AA2 Falasha Dance (Lake Tana Mix)
AA3 Falasha Dance (Timkat Ceromony Mix)


Antiquities (2nd Cut)

Falasha Dance

Falasha Dance (Lake Tana Mix)