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N-Tone / Hi-Fif – 80's Madness / E.Q. Teachings

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Raw, and nicely mad (80's kinda mad, apparently) high-energy steppers from Belgium, originally out around 2015, but we found some last copies here for the soundsystem crew who want a slice of this raw steppers action -

Cheeky, and full of raw energy, the N-Tone cut is kinda infectious (in the good way, of course) and will have you shockin' & skankin', if you find yourself near the sonics at loud volume, and you ain't scratching your chin too much - trust.

80's Madness on top, with the 'Grow Mix' and the 'Ruff Mix' - check that bassline rumble!

Flip it, and we get a deeper number from Hi-Fif, on a more meditative, heavyweight steppers tip, entitled E.Q Teachings, which get's better on the more stripped back 2nd cut, the 'Dark Mix'.

For fans of King Alpha, TNT Roots, O.B.F., Alpine Sound, Sak Dub-I, Masaai Warrior, Ishan Sound, Iration Steppas - that kind of style.... Give this one a try, you might well enjoy the vibes...

N-Tone - 80's Madness (Grow Mix)

N-Tone - 80's Madness (Ruff Mix)

Hi-Fif - E.Q Teachings (Learning Mix)

Hi-Fif - E.Q Teachings (Dark Mix)