• Power Dread - Dragon Killer / D.N.A.

Power Dread - Dragon Killer / D.N.A.

Power Dread Music

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No fuss digital steppers from Power Dread with three cuts of Dragon Killer and three dub types of D.N.A. pressed on a 12" -

Fans of Ishan Sound, Jonny Fisha, Mixman, Jah Warrior, Conscious Sounds, Alpine Sound... You might just enjoy this disc, once the volume's up and you're into the versions...

Either way.. 

Definitely keep an ear out for those 3rd cuts!

Power Dread - Dragon Killer

Power Dread - Dragon Dub


Power Dread - Dub Killer


Power Dread - D.N.A.

Power Dread - Nucleic Dub


Power Dread - Duboxyribose