• Ras Addis - Divide & Rule

Ras Addis - Divide & Rule


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Repressed for the 2023 crew, in edition of 500 copies with printed sleeve 

Two years on, post Brexit and Covid, the Tories (aka UK political party 'The Conservatives') and UK govt have sadly made sure that Ras Addis lyrics stay apt and up to date... The UK (and indeed much of the world) is in a bad state, and its still 'us vs them' so the message remains: off with their heads!

'Divide & Rule' is tough steppers business from the Dubatriation crew, with our old friend & Bristol soundsystem veteran Ras Addis dropping an anti-babylonian war cry of a dub poetry style vocal over an instrumental by Ishiban. 
With a nice nod to that 'Clash Of The Titans' plate Addis released on Peng Sound Records some years ago, it's great to have more musical ammunition in this style now too, another fierce piece of anti-establishment reggae music.
"This one goes straight to the UK prime ministers heads, more widely to politicians using underhand methods to establish themselves.

Divide & Rule is a call for revolution, delivered on a heavy stepper as militant as Ras Addis’ speech.

Sad statement of our reality, between Brexit and Covid 19 crisis, this poetry slam comes backed with a proper dub packed in a gorgeous DIY screen printed sleeve."

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Ras Addis - Divide & Rule

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