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Shanti-Ites - Guidance / Melinek

Aba Shanti-I

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Big 90's Aba Shanti-I dubplate selections, reissued!

Another rough, tough & dangerous 90's UK dub weapon from out of the box of Aba Shanti-I soundsystem -
this one has been spinning on top of the Aba control tower for more than a couple of decades now, and it still sounds d-r-e-a-d in 2020.

Shanti-Ites 'Guidance' comes pressed on the A side, followed by a tough dub version.
This one comes extra fierce with tripped out siren bombs, and a big DX7 style hook, orchestral stabs and even a good dose of midi horns... All on top of a bassline that will have your legs, belly and chest vibrating to each note, if played at the correct volume. As the title suggests, is the kind of cut that could be played at the very end of the soundystem session 'guidance' style. A special tune.

Flip it, and it's 90's galore, with Menilek, and the Final Fantasy esque midi melodies that sway & swerve innocently across a thunderous crash, rumbling bass and militant snare shuffles.
Don't underestimate.

Bit pricey, but it doesn't much better than this when we're talking about original 90s UK steppers.


Shanti-Ites - Guidance


Shanti-Ites - Menilek