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Shanti-Ites - Horn Of Africa / Lightning

Aba Shanti-I

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Aba Shanti-I 90's dubplate series strikes again, with two flashes of highest grade soundsystem vibration, with the Shanti-Ites in Falasha style and fashion -

rufffff, and tuffff soundsystem music - pure upful, chest pounding steppers vibrations.
Horn Of Africa is one of them end of the session type cuts, you know this has had many soundsystem-filled halls full of musical electricity over the years.
Flipside, Lightning awaits. Thunderous, fast-paced steppers styles for deeper meditation.
The dub on this is killer too.

100% crucial if you want some true heartical, rootical, mystical uk steppers vibrations on wax -
this is the real deal soundsystem music, as are all these 90's Aba dubplate cuts.

Shanti-Ites - Horn Of Africa

Aba Shanti-I - Horn Of Dub

Shanti-Ites - Lightning

Aba Shanti-I - Lightning Dub