• Shanti-ites - Roaring Thunder / Batter Down

Shanti-ites - Roaring Thunder / Batter Down

Aba Shanti-I

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Continuing the essential 90s dubplate mix series, with 4 more timeless cuts from the vaults...

Here comes the big 'Roaring Thunder', complete with thunderous sub, echo-chamber drum sound, and a meditative melodica section coming in here and there, whilst minding the space for that cavernous, pitch-gliding bassline. Ruffffff.

On the other side of this disc, we get the stepping 'Batter Down' - upping the pace and mood and coming in a bit more regal, more majestic, but equally fired up by a chest-rattling bassline. The dub gives us the real dubwise treatment, stripping it all back to the bare bones.

Roaring Thunder

Thunder Dub

Batter Down

Batter Down Dub