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Shanti-Ites - Stepping Out Of Babylon

Aba Shanti-I

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Fresh delivery straight from Falasha HQ in Clapton, London -

Part 8 from the 90s dubplate series, via Falasha Recordings / Aba Shanti-I soundsystem - Aba's brother 'Blood Shanti' on production -

The 8th instalment of the much-requested / much appreciated '90s dub plate series' is here, and it drops along with with the Part 7 of the series - the 12" of Joshua Horns ft. Digistep (also in stock here!) -

This latest unearthing from the heavyweight roots vaults of the Shanti-Ites / Aba Shanti-I soundsystem, comes in the shape of two cuts of 'Stepping Out Of Babylon' on the top of the disc, backed up with two cuts of 'Bound To Fall' below - both are pure vibes, and both go real heavy on the dub cuts too.

As we've come to love and cherish about that Shanti-Ites / Aba 'sound' - the tracks never lack musicality and vibes - those DX7 synth sounds come to full use on the first cuts, with heartfelt, almost innocent sounding melodies catching your ear and guiding your step as the bassline rumbles beneath and the drums drop like thunder on a big sound. The real magic of these tracks definitely unfolds when you hear it in the dance, with full pressure - but even in the homezone these should lift the mood and give you some good energy, no doubt.

Play those first cuts in full and let the music do it's thing, then lift the needle and let those versions come in like thunder after a hot day -

Serious stuff that will need no introduction to all true roots and UK steppers heads - everyone else, take a step inside and feel the magic

Big heads up on the raw dub of 'Bound To Fall' and all it's midi-sax & harp / thunderous bassline glory - but this cut is at the end of the disc for the reason -
the journey there makes it even better.

90s dubplate series Part 8 - this is crucial gear, just like all the others which we try to keep in stock as much as possible...
And remember - these get sent here straight from the source - big up Blood Shanti - so we keep the price nice(r) for you all as well

Stepping Out Of Babylon

Out Of Babylon Dub

Bound To Fall

Bound To Fall Dub