• Shanti-Ites - Verseus / Amlak

Shanti-Ites - Verseus / Amlak

Aba Shanti-I

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Another wicked disc from Falasha HQ, unearthing some of the greatest 90s cuts from the Shanti-Ites / Aba Shanti-I soundsystem crew.

Verseus goes in rough with a militant step on the drums and a deep, rumbling b-line. Verseus in Dub sees gives us the part 2 style, tuned in to the foundations of the rhythm with extra focus, appreciation that Blood Shanti production and pure, effective melodies & drum sections that hit best once heard at proper volume.

Flip it, and we get the raw synth intro to Amlak, a deep, meditative stepper that comes in real heavy when it drops, complete with big splashy snare drums, haunting pads and a mighty, mighty bassline.
Pay close attention the final cut, the dub of Amlak - that one is serious.

Once again - play it loud... Or, as Falasha would say 'Hear The Music - Feel The Vibes'.


Verseus In Dub


Amlak Dub