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Another rare cassette from the Blakamix vaults, sent to us recently in a big box of GOODS from the label HQ -

these are original 1994 cassette copies.

This one is a testament to the strength of the blakamix posse, with Special A in the booth alongside Mixman at on the mixing board, and on production.
Special A has delivered many big tunes with her smooth, airy voice over the years for Blakamix, and this vocal & versions album shows how well her voice works with Mixman's deep, stepping dubwise style.

This cassette is quite hard to find right now, not much chance you'll find it anywhere else, it's not up for grabs on the scogs anyway.
Some chancer is even trying to sell the LP version of this for £80 on there...

Don't worry about the price tag though, what matters here, is that we have a strong testament to the power of UK dub and vocal galore.
Jamaican sounds in UK style & fashion, geared for enjoyment on a big speaker box, for maximum upliftment to one and all.

Big tunes such as 'Kill Nebuchadnezzar' feature on this release, and Special A does a powerful version of this much used lyric, which relates to the reigning monarch Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, and used as a metaphor as a sentiment to break free from the shackles of Babylon, or as some would call it - 'the white oppressor', 'government', 'police', 'slave traders', 'war mongers', and so on.
In fact, most of Special A's lyrics have messages of power and strength for all black people and all those who have been oppressed by an unfair system, a system that has changed over the years, but in a lot of cases only on the surface, disguising the inherent roots of oppression in more sneaky ways. It's always a good reminder to hear these kind of lyrics - wether they relate to post WW2 Windrush Generation, the 70's, 80's dole age & Thatcher'ite UK, the 90's, or way back to the early days of slavery some 400 years ago and the sly continuation of oppresssion with '4th generation economic slaves', as Special A puts it, of modern day... Another reminder that oppression is an ancient part of humanity's history, and is only very slowly starting to crumble, on the surface at least, due to those who speak up and take action.

Original 1994 cassette copies, with printed inlay and onbody printed tape.

A1 Jah Giveth Life
A2 Version
A3 Who Gives The Right
A4 Version
A5 What Kind Of World
A6 Version
B1 Victim Of Society
B2 Version
B3 Africa Is Calling
B4 Version
B5 African Woman
B6 Kill Knebucadnezzer

Special A - Who Gives The Right


Africa Is Calling (Version)

Special A - Kill Nebuchadnezzar