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The Bush Chemists - I Came I Saw Remixes

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Back in stock! Big burning remix disc. Check the Bad Tracking remix for some of the fiercest steppers you never heard >>

Long time in the making, and well versatile / well worth the wait, remix / reissue disc, bringing back a forgotten 90's treasure from The Bush Chemists and pressing it up on wax for the first time amongst two up-to-the-minute versions from the inimitable SeekersInternational kru and Bristol's baddest & maddest industrial nutters: Bad Tracking.

Avid Uk dubheads and steppers fans should be persuaded already by the wax treatment to the stellar (or shall we say 'interstellar'? This one has quite an astro-travelling vibe to it, with it's galactic synthline) reissue of The Bush Chemists', Tappa Zukie sampling 'I Came I Saw I See'... This one only came out on CD on the 'Light Up Your Spliff' album originally (we do have the vinyl LP here btw, just saying), and now you can find this cut pressed up at 45rpm on the A side of this Bokeh 12", for the 2k gang, in it's full glory.

Counterside, we have the pitch-shifting, synare bubbling, fx gunshot shottin', footwork of SKRS aka SeekersInternational, aka original badboys with the craziest workrate and constant creative flux in any league... Although they probably don't care, because they are in their very own league, nuh bother test.

Pressed up on the inner grooves of the B side in all it's naughtiness... Bad Tracking step forward with quite the f'kin curveball - and we really, really like it for that.
Their remix is like the youtube generation's grimey answer to those over-saturated soundtape walkman recordings that all the die-hard soundsystem heads made during Shaka or Tubby's sessions back in the 80s and 90's.
Replace the over-heated tapehead with a total 'fuck-u-let's-crush-that-bitrate-til-our-noses-bleed', and add some off-the-cuff chopagge, and you got yourself this Bad, Bad Tracking remix, cut up straight from the master file, no stems no nothing.
The bassline still crushes through the shatttered artefacts with all it's dub-indebted power, and gives it that mightiness, and the hi-hats cut through like razor blades in the hands of Jon E Cash... Murder with no warning.

Now buy this record and cause some havoc in the dance.


The Bush Chemists - I Came I Saw

SKRS Remix

Bad Tracking Remix