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Twinkle Brothers - Dub Massacre Part 4 - The Killing Zone

Twinkle Music

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Another set of crucial Twinkle Brothers rhythms - Dub Massacre style!

Each one of the Dub Massacre LPs has been a real joy to get our hands on and ears into (we'd been seeking them out ever since buying a CD copy of the first Dub Massacre album from a record stall at a Channel One soundsystem session in Bristol many, many years ago).

This one, the Part 4, entitled The Killing Zone - yes these dubs are deadly - originally came out in 1989 and has not been up on here on our site for your perusal yet, so we're glad to fill the gap for our collection as well as yours potentially, in case you're also a fan of this series, and feel the need to have each one as much as we do.

These dubs, compiled from rhythm tracks taken from - Breaking Down The Barriers, Twinkle In Poland and the (at the time of release, still forthcoming) Twinkle Brother* - Chant Rastafari albums. "This is the killing zone dub style!" and feature killer pacey dancehall/steppers-styled cuts such as the first track 'Panic In The Street', proper gun-shot / tape-wheelup, majestic dub such as Urban Gorilla, typical 80's uk roots, not a million miles of Aswad and Dennis Bovell's sound at the time ' Hunger And Starvation', big tunes such as 'Zulu Warrior' (quite possibly a nod to their close collaborator and musical family / official soundman Twinkle production dubplate champion Jah Shaka).... Then there's the big heads-down stepper 'Fighting Fight'.. Oooph, lots of heavyweight rhythms and deadly versioning on this one!

Listen for yourself and you'll see that this is definitely one of the bigger Dub Massacre LPs, totally crucial gear.

...Love the artwork too!

A1 Panic In The Street
A2 Urban Gorella
A3 Hunger And Starvation
A4 Zulu Warrior
A5 Total Disaster
B1 Never Die Dub
B2 No Money Dub
B3 Fighting Fit
B4 Self-Inflict Wound
B5 No Return To Normal

Urban Gorilla

Fighting Fit

Zulu Warrior

Self Inflict Wound