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Anina - Blue Horizon Mix


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Long time Tape-Echo associate and occasional studio partner Anina steps up to the meticulously unorganised Tape-Echo cassette series with her ‘Blue Horizon’ tape.

While it may have taken a few months longer than it should to see the light of day, we’re certain it was worth it - Anina once again showing why she’s one of Bristol’s most in-demand operators over two sides of tape.

The A side is a sort of part 2 to her original Tape-Echo mix from the start of the year - Crushingly dark half-step D&B (if you can even call it that? It’s D&B, but not as we know it) spliced with royal blue ambient interludes and a mixing style that’s more akin to techno than drum n bass (or jungle, depending on how trendy you’re feeling). Jokes aside, it’s a mix that’s been getting a hell of a lot of play around here, simply because it twists tunes that shouldn’t make work well together up into a refreshing new whole - not easily done and something that we’re still trying to pick apart.

Coming in at just over 50 minutes long, the A side is a proper lights off, blinds shut trip for introspective thought, or just some serious spliff blazing if you prefer…Recorded right here at the Tape-Echo HQ in one take, we’d like to think the title is taken from the colour of the heavily discounted blue fabric that serves as makeshift ‘soundproofing’ in there but who knows.

The flip side is a freshly remastered take of her original Tape-Echo mix, run off onto tape as a permanent archive and housed in a risograph printed J-card, also done nearby at Bathtub Prints. The blue foil lined tape has an onbody print too and is offered up in an edition of 50, although once we’ve allocated copies to the crew and beyond, who knows how many will be left - so move fast if you want in…You won't be dissapointed.

Edition of 45, won't be reproduced

Risograph printed J-card

Foil lined cassette with printed shell

2 Different cover designs, picked at random