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Ossia ft. Ollie Moore - Live At The Brunswick Club


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>> Limited re-press (re-dub perhaps?) for the 2020 crew - A proper slice of Bristol history this tape, too vital not to have in stock so the arm of Tape-Echo was twisted and the call made to Tapeline. These copies are identical to the original so you're still getting the risograph inlay, printed shells and, most importantly, the same audio... Once these are gone though, that's it! <<

A rare live recording from Ossia's Devil's Dance album launch in Bristol earlier this year...

A few months ago, just to add a little pressure to an already visibly stressed Ossia, a day ahead of the Bristol launch party of his Devil's Dance album and accompanying live set - we mentioned that it might be a vibe if it was recorded and, perhaps even released on tape...

Needless to say, at the time, this went down like a lead balloon, extra pressure at this point was almost bordering on a joke - Regardless, a Tascam recorder, backup set of batteries and a camera were stuffed in parka pocket on the evening in question and slyly plugged into the mixing desk.

Those who were there will need absolutely no telling, it was a right fcuking belter of a night. The final party at the now infamous Brunswick Club - Ossia's beast of a mixing desk, maze of pedals, sirens and turntable set up in the middle of the subterranean (and carpeted) skittle alley.

The sense of anticipation was palpable as the first dread filled phrases emanated from the rig - Ollie Moore's haunting sax phrases floating out into infinity. These first seven minutes or so were so goosebump inducing, it would have been worth releasing just that on it's own. Needless to say, the crushing weight of Red X soon shook the foundations of the Brunswick and we were off on an awe inspiring trip through live takes of Devil's Dance album cuts, unreleased material & beyond - all this tied together by Moore's haunting sax playing.

A track by track run-down would only serve to spoil the surprise but it is our pleasure to be able to have captured this magical session, a fragment of Bristol's musical history no doubt and a window into a truly unique artist developing a sound all his own.

Professionally mastered recording, duplicated at Tapeline.
Edition of not very many - Risograph printed, heavyweight textured J-card.