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Muslimgauze vs Species Of Fishes


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Great works from the extensive back catalogue of Muslimgauze, heard here in a twistup with the music of Species of Fishes, reworked in Bryn Jones raw, uncensored way - originally out in 1998, and now back in press with a beautiful spot-varnished kraft sleeve, and pressed on blue vinyl.

The story of this unexpected collaboration dates back to the summer and autumn of 1998 when Bryn Jones AKA Muslimgauze, the music genius that devoted his artistry as a voice for Palestinian liberation, from Manchester, discovered Species Of Fishes' albums through the Dutch label Staalplaat. Jones embarked on a journey of reinventing the Muscovites' tracks, infusing them with hypnotizing noise pulsations that were both harsh and sharp, yet profoundly humane, while evoking ethereal Palestinian and arab echoes.

A serious artefact this, and a truly mindwarping listen. No one did it quite like M'gauze.

And in 2024, his message remains ever important. Speak up against injustice, fight for liberation. No one is free until we all are.

One for the heads who know.

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