• Samson A.K - Tape 1
  • Samson A.K - Tape 1

Samson A.K - Tape 1


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<<< new MALware loaded in the rwdfwdsystem! >>

boss Jon K (shouts to Elle as well!) sent us a handful of the latest release from the MAL label they run together - a great label (in our humble opinon) which is binding an ever expanding network of outsider sonics together though physical media (wax mostly, but now seen in nifty tape format too) -
hard to define the sound of MAL, but there's a certain thread of emotive, heavyweight and cerebral-ness going on between releases - the kind of stuff that might wig you out on first listen, but just gets better and better with each dive. 
Samson A.K. perfectly sums up this chaotic brilliance (also called: MUSIC) with a mixtape that mangles his own productions (somewhere between Michael J.Blood's raw detroit-inspired heartwrenchers, Equiknoxx with boxing gloves, and other weird and wonderful moments inspired by a boundless kinf of love for music perhaps?)...  If you know what we mean?

Hard to pin down a mix that is so expertly twisted and fusing into various worlds of chug and bruised body music, jazz, dancehall - etc - it's just a ride, and full of intrigue and that good ol naughty aural satisfaction.

but dunno, just get the tape and see for yourself!? It's proper good, and you won't regret it at all (assuming you're on a similar wave length to us, as you find yourself on this site).