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VA - Time Splitters

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Big, big international moves on this - linking the extended crew around  Spanish Town, Roolings Muzik boss I Jahbar and a big crew from Jamaica - rising stars and underground talent from G Sudden, Darkchild, RDL Shellah, Buddydon, and Darkchild plus newer talents such as Fearless, Longdon, Latty, King Kush and 1 Solar Boss.

Fresh JA / intl dancehall variations on a big and bashy mixtape full up with non-stop vocal fire on rhythms produced by Deskulling, out of Richmond, VA. >>

"A 21 track 50 plus minute Dancehall epic"

Alexander West who passed away in 2023 contributes an ethereal and heartfelt album closing performance on “Granny Grenade”. Time Splitters is a sprawling creation that captures a multiplicity of emotions, life complexities, spiritual evocations, and musical dimensions. Deskulling's eclectic productions are rendered to the perfect minimalism and provide a rich and varied platform for vocal performances that move between dark and light, sad and joyful, heavy and soft.

A lot of work went into this release over a few years from many people during times of inner and outer complexities, turmoils, and tribulations. This release musically, lyrically, emotionally, represents life's spectrum's fully. Thanks for listening."

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Comes with DL too.

01. Roolingz - Shout

02. Fearless - Workin Hard

03. I Jahbar + Darkchild - Stream

04. Longdon - Careful

05. RDL Shellah + Tolerance - Good Good

06. I Jahbar - 2AM

07. Jah Love Chant

08. G Sudden - Love Neva Fail

09. I Jahbar + Darkchild - Move

10. Buddydon - Open Sesame

11. King Kush - Choppa Dem Out

12. RDL Shellah - Good Ambition

Pan Pipes Chamber

13. I Jahbar - Mamma

14. Nature Provides Chant

15. Darkchild - Leave Dem Things Alone

16. 1Solar Boss - Focus

17. Babylon Fall Chant

18. King Kush - Big Tundra

19. Latty - Stand Firm

20. Alexander West Shout

21.Alexander West - Granny Grenade