• 1991

1991 - 1991

No More Dreams

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Back in press, this gem from back then...

Reissued again (it is that good!) since it's 2012 tape release on Astro:Dynamics, and blue vinyl reissue a couple years later -
Now cut across two discs, served via 1991's No More Dreams imprint along with extra cuts and a remix by IVVO, this great thing is available again for those who want another chance to take a dip.

Excellent, excellent pieces by Gothenburg based 1991.
The self-titled LP, previously released on cassette.

Drenched in tape saturation and lo-fi technique, the tracks carry a unique, intimate aesthetic throughout.

'Smoked-out, hallucinogenic dream sequences from the far corners of the brain...'

Sit back, and enjoy the ride... This is still one of the best in it's area!

2 x 12", served with the art that was originally on the cassette cover.
Mastered by Vessel.

A1 Reborn Ice Horn 2:48
A2 Fabric Of Space 4:03
A3 Open To The Dark 3:46
B1 Tangerine Lidl 3:49
B2 Distortion Of Time 6:24
B3 Domination Translates Directly Into Efficiency 1:43
C1 Where Do I Hide From Myself 3:09
C2 Inside You 4:27
C3 Calm Onyx 3:28
D1 95 And Beyond 2:34
D2 Reborn Ice Horn (Ond Ton's Reborn In 1991 Remix) 6:11
D3 Inside You (IVVVO remix) 4:52

Reborn Ice Horn

Fabric of Space

Tangerine Lidl

Distortion of Time