• 7f0 - ヒーリング剣 (Healing Sword)

7f0 - ヒーリング剣 (Healing Sword)

EM Records

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Very great to see 7f0 back on the good ship EM Records, out of Japan.

Here comes the Healing Sword 7", packed with next-level-good, skewed synth digi-dancehall euphoria/melancholia and an unhinged, slightly crazed sense of total bliss. It's an energetic and near-symphonic (synthonic?) affair, proper upful bizniz, fine tuned with a subtle dose of dread in there just to stop it from being overly sweet on the tip of the tongue.

Truly essential gear for all lovers, freaks, and anyone else that ain't too stuck up.

Served in tasty picture sleeve - you an always rely on EM to make it nice.

Healing Sword

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