• 99Letters - Kaibou Zukan
  • 99Letters - Kaibou Zukan
  • 99Letters - Kaibou Zukan

99Letters - Kaibou Zukan


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Power-ambient and rhythmical driftcore wickedness from Osaka's 99Letters, presenting another piece in the puzzle via the musical grind-house Disciples.

Taking classic Japanese instrumentation as a starting point whilst eskewing the sounds into new forms that ultimately are a response from the creators emotional and creative drive, the result is beguiling and strange, yet feels pure, honest and undiluted. Sitting somewhere between deepest introspection (that intro track is where it's at! ooph) and venturing into whirlwind melodic madness and lo-fi boom-bap, this one 'goes there' in a real unique way. Put down the needle and inject the sound into your ear-veins for maximum trip drift.

"New album by Osaka-based electronic producer Takahiro Kinoshita aka 99Letters, based around the sampling and processing of traditional Japanese instruments. The sounds of koto and shakuhachi are transformed through spatial effects and noise to create beguiling ambient drones and out-and-out dancefloor bangers. The title Kaibou Zukan translates as “picture book” and it serves as a kind of audio diary of the artist during lockdown, trapped at home and thinking about their place within their home country, landscape, and culture."

Photographs by Takahiro Kinoshita
Recorded 2020 - 2022 in Osaka
99Letters thanks: all my family and those who were involved in this album

Double black vinyl in reverse board printed 5mm sleeve with black polylined inners.
Layout by Studio Tape-Echo.
Mastered by Ruy Mariné at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.


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