• Aardvarck – Bloom 3

Aardvarck – Bloom 3


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Third cut on the essential ‘Bloom’ Series.

Coming through with a rough & rugged take on dub, seriously head banging stuff.

Thick-as-tar Basslines and smoked out drum loops set the foundation for this excursion into dub physics... Aardvarck style.

With the tracks simply entitled 1, 2, 3 and 4, you can imagine that these tracks count on their instantaneous vibe and effortless flow… Nothing majorly pre-meditated just straight-up deadly beats. But exactly this is what makes this Bloom Series so good!

Aardvarck ain’t messin around! 

Aardvarck - 1

Aardvarck - 2

Aardvarck - 3

Aardvarck - 4