• Androo -  The Disciples Experiments Reinterpreted
  • Androo -  The Disciples Experiments Reinterpreted

Androo - The Disciples Experiments Reinterpreted

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Real nice surprise to see Androo rework some material from the legendary Disciples, issued on wax suprisingly via the Sound Metaphors record shop & label, out of Berlin.

If, like us, you can't get enough of Disciples, and are always keen to hear what can happen at the fringes of the UK Dub sound, then definitely check this fine excursion into weirdo dub worlds from musician / soundsystem head Androo!

Check the full scoop here, and turn up the volume in the meantime:

"After the recent Experiments re-issue with 90's off-style unclassifiable tracks composed by the legendary Dub producer - The Disciples - Androo (NS Kroo) sets out to re-create and freely adapt this material. The fact that Sound Metaphors chose Androo to re-construct these works in to new material is not random.

Androo has been producing Dub since he was a teenager but he quickly turned to all kinds of musical experiences, mixing styles and influences. Once past the 
intimidation of working with material from one of his favorite and revered producers, Androo tried to pay homage to the free spirit that this Disciples album contains.

Between reference and irreverence, the album is woven with a playful, DIY, and also serious weave. As you listen, a sometimes very harmonious and controlled landscape takes shape, then suddenly steep slopes and raw ridges appear. Almost like an art of sound drawing. A line in permanent
 oscillation between supposedly antagonistic registers. Danceable pieces cut for dancefloor brush against strange, problematic, and voluntarily irrecoverable elements. Consensual pop chords rub shoulders with sizzling blurred contours and sounds that are sometimes too loud. 4/4 rhythms get jackhammered out of the tempo with opulent delay effects. The “Dubmix” is here, constantly at work.

It is, above all, an art of the hands, fingers handling the console which from then on becomes an instrument in its own right - for Androo Dub is experimental music."

>> Heavwyeight freak dub vibrations, step inside >>

Some Thing (dub)

Overflown (Interview dub)

Overflown (Raw dub)

Overflown (X dub)

Fire (Night Hit dub)

Shadows (dub - Wave mix)

Shadows (dub - Session mix)

Overflown (Y dub)