• Batu - Eraser / Stairwell

Batu - Eraser / Stairwell

Cold Recordings

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Deep from the icy depths of the UK underground, label-boss Pinch unearths another fresh-blooded set of tracks for ColdR002 -

This time around, it's Batu's turn to prove himself and rise out of the shadows of the Bristol Scene.

Eraser and Stairwell both move with assertive low end pressure and efficient, intricate rhythmical programming aimed straight at the chest and head -
Stealthy dancefloor obliteration on both sides.

Eraser heads up with a tough, sub-fuelled rhythm, a schizophrenic Eski-Style Igloo synth, delayed stabs and chilly chords cast a cool shadow over the scenario letting the rhythm take full stride and control.
Ruff and Rude!

Stairwell, picks up where Eraser left off -
Full charge on the rhythm, this one has more forward-swing than it's counterpart,  yet it retains that loose UKG feel and swagger to great effect.
Dark and menacing but this one will get the gyal and the man dem shocking out for real.

Cut loud-and-clear and presented in a die-cut, shrinkwrapped sleeve, designed by Studio Tape-Echo.

Batu - Eraser

Batu - Stairwell