• Boofy & Lemzly Dale - Catch A Body / Banshee

Boofy & Lemzly Dale - Catch A Body / Banshee

Sector 7 Sounds

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Fresh on the heels of the latest 12" on Kahn & Neek's Bandulu Records imprint -

In comes the new wave of Bristol's young blood of Producers!
Keeping up the pressure that was raised via Boofy's cut on Bandulu003, forces are joined and Lemzly Dale steps in to keep things moving with their new platform -
'Sector 7 Sounds'.

Keeping up the D.I.Y. traditions of the pirate radio grime era and maintaining wax-standards emphasized by the Bandulu Camp, 'Sector 7 Sounds' is born and it's first plate - a stamped white label - serves as a platform for the combined efforts of the label owners: Lemzly Dale & Boofy.

Both 'Banshee' and 'Catch A Body' have been doing damage to the dance each time they are set loose and the dubs have been a staple of Kahn & Neek's live shows for some time now...

Now that the questions have been answered, all the keen selectors with an ear for Grime at it's rawest and purest have the chance to add this to their collection and murder the dance, no longer having to guess who the f*ck is responsible for that dubplate doing damage.

There aren't many of these, it's a vinyl-only thing, rumours are that these will go fast.
Snap it while you can.

Don't be late!

Catch A Body