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Great to have our hands on a few copies of this brilliant piece of minimalistic, addictive (melodic) drum experiments, in dub.

This record is self titled as C3TRii, and it's coming via Trjj Group (last spotted here on this excellent 2 x tape) in collaboration with 'a friend' (we need to do our research here.. Is it, seb?! - edit, no. It's in fact the artist known as C3D-E.). As much as this might sound like a vague bit of info to you right here, one thing we can probably agree on, is that the message is clear once the record starts playing...
From the first, near-megalithic, certainly arctic, stone cold drum machine dub workout on 'A1', we're already swimming on a reduced dub(w)ice berg (wow excuse that pun, please).
On 'A2' the rhythms sharpen themselves around the edges. Motorized hand drums rub up against grainy snares and claps. The ice starts to melt on 'A3', and water driplets do their own dance inside the drum, responding to snappy, wet reverberations.
B1, on the flip of the record, let's metallic percussion run up a woozy melodic pattern, with rippled, warbled sine tones whirring our senses into a hazy mist, before dispersing into new, heightened rhythmic zones... Sounding UKG coming from your bathroom sink, but you can only hear it if you put your ear right into the hole there...
Oh shit, not sure what happened, but we're on the B2 now and it just got real dark here.
I think we dropped down into that very sink we were listening into?! All we can hear is a kind of tempting, tapping rhythm, someone hitting the pipe maybe... - not like that you wronghead! -... in a percussive way.
I think we can hear some tripped out techno playing from a 303 type machine up there too... if only we could climb back out of this sink to get the full scoop. Still, we're not complaining, this particular zone of drainpipe techno we're in right now, actually slaps, and - if only we weren't so squeezed in this goddamn pipe we entered earlier - we'd have our hands in the air right now.
... Ok, it's the final track now, we made it back out out the sink, into the room - greeted by a dub siren of course.
Oh, and now we hear some vocals narrating from the room next door, with the white noise of cymbals looming over our heads. The final drum tango.... Now how do we get back to the beginning, to do this all again? Cos this record is hella addictive.

Get this record, and trust that you'll be spinning it many times, like we have been.