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Charles Trees - Rootwork


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Diverse and musically rich EP by underground hero 'Charles Trees' -

Charles Trees releases his new ep Rootwork for the spanish imprint Lovemonk.

A varied, well revised set of tracks featuring live musicians as well as well placed studio tricks, this is a record that sits neatly between genres, defying definition.
The instrumentation on Trees Hybrid Ep does so much to make the record stand out in the crowd - african infused percussion and jazz inflicted melodies all help to make this effervescent EP shine.

With two years in the making, you can feel the attention of detail in every track, expertly covering a broad range of styles.
Tracks will often begin right from the root (no pun intended) working their way from a subdued melody or drum track, twisting and shaping through it's motions and introducing new layers and tempos, ending in fully fledged rhythmical floor material.

The outcome is one that stands out as an accomplished piece for the listener and a tricky, but rewarding piece for the able DJ... it's dancefloor music as well as a record for the home-turntable... A 12" that hold's it's own entirely.

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Served in a lush kraftliner sleeve housing another printed brown paper inner.



Exodus / Get Advanced

What's Left / Rootwork (DJ F Restructure)

What's Left (Shigeto Extended Remix)