• Death Is Not The End - Bristol Pirates (LP Version)

Death Is Not The End - Bristol Pirates (LP Version)

Death Is Not The End

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The Bristol Pirates cassette, now pressed to LP >>

Musical archeologist with a finger on the pulse, and old school-mate from around Bristol -
Luke Owen, aka Death Is Not The End, is at the controls for this absolute t-r-e-a-t of a mixtape, compiled via archives of late 80's to early 2000's Bristol Pirate Radio transmissions, filled with hissing ol'skool jams, fuzzy dancehall rydims, bashy FM vibes, illegal rave info and all the local community talk and DIY radio adverts that made the pirate radio listening experience so unique and special -

An expert document of a special time that will never be repeated, put together with good ears and a nice touch of humour.

Anyone who spent their teenage years finding the best way to balance the antenna on their radio and having that trigger finger on the red button of the tape player, in order to capture the best moments will find a great bit of nostalgia here.
Anyone else - we fully recommend some good indulgence with this - it's a real blast from the past and a nice wholesome way to spend some time away from the internet, with some real underground history.

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