• Dubkasm - Brixton Rec LP

Dubkasm - Brixton Rec LP

Bristol Archive Records

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Old Reel-to-Reel Tapes were dusted off in order to compile the tracks for this special Dubkasm Album.

A bit of dubplate-history on wax.

Entitled ‘Brixton Rec’ in honour of the famous residency in London, where the great Soundsystems such as ‘Jah Shaka’ and ‘Aba Shanti’ used to play at the time when the Dubkasm tracks featured on this LP, circulated only as exclusive dubplates to said soundsystems. Up until now they could only be heard live in the Dance, played straight off the acetate, they resided only as a vibration in peoples memories.

Since the early Dubkasm days in the 90’s, Stryda and Digistep have come a long way, placing their roots firmly in the dub world and releasing a lot of outstanding music. These tracks still have their place and stand just as tall next to Dubkasm’s more recent productions… if anything the history behind them makes these tracks feel somewhat more special and cherished.

Mixed by the legendary ‘Aba Shanti’ at Falasha Studios, this Album features the vocals of Lydj Xylon, Tena Stelin and Ras Addis, matched with their respective dubs in the usual top-class Dubkasm-Fashion. This is UK Soundsystem Dub in it’s best pose.

Comes with an insert containing rare archive photos and words, documenting Dubkasm’s story of the ‘Brixton Rec’ Era.


Side A:
1. The Soul (ft. Tena Stelin)
2. Soul in Dub
3. The Order (ft. Lidj Xylon)
4. Dub Order

Side B:
1. Spiritual Warrior Time (ft. Tena Stelin)
2. SIM Dub
3. Jah Bible (ft Ras Addis)
4. Biblical Dub

Dubkasm ft. Tena Stelin - Spritual Warrior Time

Dubkasm ft. Tena Stelin - Sim Dub

Dubkasm ft. Ras Addis - Jah Bible

Dubkasm ft. Ras Addis - Biblical Dub