• Dubkasm - 'Victory' + 'Transform I' CD!

Dubkasm - 'Victory' + 'Transform I' CD!

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<< Includes Victory 12" + last copies of Dubkasm's first full album, 'Transform I' on CD! >>

Transform I, originally released in 2009, could be interpretated as the Dubkasm manifesto, a piece of work that encompasses many years of collective musicianship and showcases the link between the Uk and Brazil connection that has shaped the Dubkasm sound and approach in many ways.
Check the video link here for more background info on the 'Transform I' album:

<< Includes Victory 12" + last copies of Dubkasm's first full album, 'Transform I' on CD! (no extra shipping charge for CD) >>

Words on the Victory 12":
Ever since Aba Shanti-I got passed this dubplate in exclusivity, cut it to acetate and championed it as his last tune at Notting Hill Carnival, this dubplate - simply entitled 'Victory' - has become a staple track in Aba's sessions, wherever the sound would take him, the roots world has become familiar with this track as the guidance track at the end of the session.
Exclusive to Dubkasm and Aba Shanti-I, the demand for this dubplate with its majestic horns and driving rhythm has been immense to say the least.

It is with joy and pleasure that we can offer this plate to you, pressed onto heavyweight 12", including four solid cuts of this original rhythm.

From the first, to the last cut on the disc, it's a pleasure to hear that the track is not only good for it's hook -
a truly accomplished rhythm, the love for it is fully justified.

Each part of the rhythm - wether it's the rolling drum foundation, skipping 6/8 hi hats or obscure percussion, the mysterious duduk woodwind or, further into the dubwise, it's dubkasm signature modulation effects - takes control and plays it's part in this accomplished track.

Featuring Dubkasm's very own Digistep on Alto Sax and the talented 'Galgo' on Trumpet, this track here, has reached anthem status - no doubt about it.

Finally, this plate is ready to be unleashed out of it's bounds of exclusivity, pressed and mastered with full care and attention for your personal listening pleasure.


Mastered via 1/2 inch tape at Stardelta Mastering.
Cut onto 180gsm heavyweight 12" disc, at 45rpm.
Served in dubplate style.

Double Deal, 1 x 'Victory' 12" + 1 x 'Transform I' CD (no extra shipping charge for CD).

'Dubkasm - Transform I'
1: Introdução
2: From The Foundation ft. Dub Judah
3: City Walls ft. Ras Addis
4: More Jah Songs ft. Tena Stelin
5: Moses ft. Ras B
6: Strictly Ital ft. Ras Addis
7: Babylon Ambush
8: There's A Love ft. Christine Miller
9: Respek I-Spek ft. Levi Roots
/10: Touch I Heart ft. Afrikan Simba
11: Rua João Vieira 106
12: Sangue Brasileiro (Brazilian Blood)
13: Nyah Keith
14: Transformai ft. Ras Bernardo & Jeru Banto
15: Zulu Dawn
16: Hail Jah ft. Ras Addis
17: Foundational Dub
18:Transform I Trailer (Video)

Victory! ft. Galgo (Horns) + Digistep (Sax)

Verse II

Verse III

Verse IV (Raw Piece)