• Elmore Judd - Unborn Again EP

Elmore Judd - Unborn Again EP

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A refreshingly careless feeling of liberty and space, a freedom to move in it’s pose is injected with a heavy amount of Funk and strong grooves, underpinned by a dooming sense of space, a dubwise sensibility that hints towards the whole thing being much more meditated and under control than one is made to believe at first listen.

Sitting somewhere between the outcome of jamming sessions at the shore of a lonely tropical island at dusk and the obscured combinations of unconventional instrumentations accumulated in an isolated rehearsal room somewhere around central London, this 6 Track Ep stands alone in it’s entity whilst fusing various influences and ideas to make one heady musical picture.

Highly recommended to fans of On-U sound, Wareika Hill Sounds and perhaps even Rhythm & Sound…

Bass Bully

Groove Killer

Skull Head Convention

Ships in the Dark