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F ingers - Hide Before Dinner

Blackest Ever Black

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Drugged up, otherworldly synth-daubed death-folk and DIY electronics here on Blackest Ever Black from F ingers.

"Hide Before Dinner" from the trio F Ingers is a foggy trip through the minds of the three Aussie artists Carla Dal Forno, Samuel Karmel and Tarquin Manek, as they revisit their childhood memories in a way that is both haunting and relatable. The fact that this group features two members of the excellent Tarcar should give you an idea of what to expect!

The themes of memory and dreams are explored through the heavy use of space and imminence... Delay, reverb and distortion smear the melodies into a whirling psychedelia leaving the listener suspended in a state of trance-like hypnagogia.

The way the band have managed to capture the drifting feeling of a suburban childhood is uncanny, with tracks like "Escape Into The Bushes" soundtracking those eerie late night trips into the woods, "Tantrum Time" with its stuttered vocals and discordance perfectly illustrating the difficulty of expressing yourself verbally in your formative years, resorting to blind anger which is juxtaposed by the serene calm of "Blissful Cubby House" which recollects more comforting moments from memory lane.

A hypnotic and reflective LP, perfect for some soul searching!

Includes DL code.
Comes with printed sleeve, and printed inner sleeve.
Cut By Noel Sommerville.

A1. Escape Into The Bushes
A2. Mum’s Caress After Trip
A3. Tantrum Time
A4. Blissfull Cubby House
B1. Useless Treasure
B2. Under The House Hard To Breathe
B3. Hide Before Dinner

Escape Into The Bushes / Mum’s Caress After Trip

Tantrum Time / Blissfull Cubby House

Useless Treasure / Under The House Hard To Breathe

Hide Before Dinner