• Jabu - Time Cow & Ossia Remixes
  • Jabu - Time Cow & Ossia Remixes
  • Jabu - Time Cow & Ossia Remixes

Jabu - Time Cow & Ossia Remixes

Do You Have Peace?

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Extremely pleased & proud to hold this special disc here at RWDFWD towers, after anticipating the arrival of the wax from the pressing plant for some time now (some might say: just in time!).
Here's what Amos at 'do you have peace' has to say about it all, and to be honest, it's all you need to know (aside from hearing the music of course).
What we will say is, that the Time Cow remix is one of the best things we've heard in ages, and ages. A serious gem of a tune, we'd buy it as a single side disc already.
That said, we heard that Ossia is pretty chuffed with the remix, and that the feeling seems to be reciprocated by certain ears who've heard it already, and are well up for the (8ish min) ride.

Give it a read, and a listen, and please know that if you buy this record, you're supporting a good thing.
"Time Cow & Ossia take 2 tracks from Jabu’s 2020 album ‘Sweet Company’ into unfamiliar (and dance floor friendly) territory.

Side A sees ‘Us Alone’ get transformed by Time Cow from slo-mo tearjerker into syrupy disco wrecker,
managing to somehow touch on reference points everywhere from east LA lowrider anthems through 00s garage and all propelled fwd by an eyeball shaking low end pressure.

On the flip Ossia takes snatches of the original ‘Slow Down’ and flashes them in around a 4/4 and a synth melody, fragments of Daniela’s vocal floating like a half remembered conversation.
Later Rakhi’s strings come in but in a more unsettling way than the original, eventually dissolving to a kind of Majora’s Mask (in dub) conclusion.

All terrain / all weathers - club / bbq / afterparty / late night introspection sessions

Vocals on Us Alone by Alex Rendall & Jasmine Butt
Vocals on Slow Down by Daniela Dyson & Alex Rendall
Strings on Slow Down by Rakhi Singh & Sebastian Gainsborough"

12" in stickered disco sleeve.
Mastered and cut by Lewis at Stardelta.
Artwork by Skkinz.

Jabu - Us Alone (Time Cow remix)

Jabu ft. Daniela Dyson - Slow Down (Ossia Remix)