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Joyride - S/T

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"When I was about 15/16, I had a mate who did some insurance stuff, I couldn’t tell you exactly what he did - but we’d chip in and they’d basically get cars that they could just drive around and ditch eventually.. And we’d just bait ride them around (BS area) and (BS area) getting high and you know all that sort of stuff that teenagers do - and then just ditch them when the car broke down basically.. So we’d drive through speed cameras etc on purpose, it was reckless really, we’re all lucky as fuck not to get pulled, let alone have an accident. The main time I remember was .. They let us all have a go basically around (supermarket chain) carpark. My mate __ he had a go first, cause his brother was the one hooking it all up and stuff and I remember him going and everyone was quite impressed how good he was, especially since it was his first time and all that sort of stuff - I was gonna go last, it was just the draw of the straw - I wasn’t sad about that though cause at least I got to see everyone else do it first, but that never happened (laughs)

So ____ ’s having a go and going way faster than __ was - and I think I was rolling a zoot in the back, when I just heard __’s brother like ‘____ brake, ____ brake, BRAKE’
And I looked up and then we crashed into all the bollard things around the side
And we were all like fuck, at first like - is everyone ok? But everyone was fine and we were all laughing etc , but when we got out of the car we realised - I dunno if its the axel or whatever it is - was just completely bent. There was no way we were getting out of there, we were all just high - and we couldn’t call a tow truck because obviously the cars illegal, we didn’t have any fucking money (laughs) so we just left it there and took off.. the staff in the morning must’ve been so pissed.

I didn’t know at the time yeah but my uncle used to work at that (supermarket chain) and I told him that story later in life and he was like ‘what the fuck? That was YOU’
‘My managers were so pissed’.. I think they had to pay it (to tow it), the police wouldn’t pay it cause it was on private property but yeah they were fucking pissed apparently..
But yeah, sorry (supermarket chain) (laughs)"

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