• Kambo Super Sound - Tung-I Ramen

Kambo Super Sound - Tung-I Ramen

Sex Tags Amfibia

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Heavyweight Dubwise manoeuvres from Kambo Super Sound - straight outta Moss, Norway.

The A Side is serious sound system gear, as soon as the needle touches the disc, the scoops and mid-bass will start pumping out the dubwise pressure.
A stepping rhythm urges the low-end forward through the bottom-end of the speakerbox whilst the uplifting dub chords give the sound a few seconds to breathe within the dub-fury.
Triangles keep the momentum and reverbed bass-melody provides the hook.

The flip of the disc comes off a bit more lighthearted and fun, Don Papa steps up, complete with Midi Horns and xylophones to make a catchy riff that collides along with the snares to create a shuffling pattern, coming off like a tongue-and-cheek soca session somewhere in a tucked-away side alley of the carnival.

It's nice to see Sex Tags Amfibia back with a Kambo & Don Papa 7"!
Big tings.

Kambo Super Sound - Tung-I Ramen

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