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Kelan - Downtown

Bristol Normcore

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Here it is... The good & proper debut album from our dear friend Max 'Kelan' Pearce, who has been making a real name for himself in Bristol underground circles, and venturing out of town with the Downtown show in recent moons too, causing ruffage wherever he sets foot.
This album of raw machine music and vocal attitude was put together unpretentiously, in Bedroom studio sessions between cold months in Berlin and windy nights in Bristol.
Bristol Normcore have stepped up to do the honourable thing, and to make sure this release is set on fire and ready to burn. Match-sticks and scarred St. George cross included.

"Far beneath ivory towers in the seedy underbelly of the city, where neon flashes and the real wildlife lurks, there's a house of ill-repute where hungry pleasure seekers enact their sordid fantasies. In this nocturnal playground, the ringleader rattles his cage, struts and gyrates, while drums slam hard against the rafters and pound deep into the night.
Kelan's debut solo outing is seven tales of sleazy noir, vice and earthly transgression - along the way taking a verbal match to the flag, spitting venom at vampiric landlords and erupting into lewd, schoolyard chants.Join in the decadence and debauchery 'Downtown'.''How can you lose…?''

Edition of 200,
each one served with double sided poster print,
Mini St. George / England flag + Match Stick for burning.
Comes with DL.





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