• Mad Professor - Trix In The Mix Part 1

Mad Professor - Trix In The Mix Part 1


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Another killer piece of the vast discography of Mad Professor, swerving of the Dub Me Crazy series that he started in the 80s, with this early 2000's 'Trix in The Mix' LP -

Full of millenium style dubwise, packed with phased reverberations and digital echo chamber sonics, Mad Prof style, Trix In The Mix rolls into spacious deep dub territory right from the get go, taking in animal soundscapes, police sirens (a reminder of Operation Trident) and of course the signature Ariwa studio warped bassline - A lot of this album rolls pretty smoothly and sticks to a spaced out dubwise lineage, making it a pretty damn good listen if you want to have something uplfiting and with a steady energy. It's generally more laid back and the dub mixes feel extra patient, with the rhythms moving in no rush, guided by gentle washes of feedback and aux return signal traffic adding to the flow.

If, like us, you can't really get enough of Mad Proffessor's dub mixes from over the last few decades - then this one is going to have to get added to the collection either way - but if you did need further persuading on why this one is pretty special in itself: Listen closely to certain signifiers in this record which really place it in a certain time and place: 2000s London. We can hear it a creep in with the subtle shuffle of 'Step Dub', but on the 8min feel-good dub anthem 'Declaration of War' and 'Mix 2' which follows on from that addictive piano chord sequence and adds a, still dubwise, but definitely UKG inspired swung drum pattern to the heavyweight bass and uplifting melody part - that's a pretty unique example even in Mad Proff's vast sound world // discography.
These two cuts have been on repeat here, and are very much responsible for some much needed good-mood right here. Really interesting to hear that crossover, and to think about how much sense it makes, as we said, with this release having come out around the year 2000, when UK Garage / 2 Step was 'the thing'. If you are up for a whiff of good-spirited cheesy-ness in your dub (you should be really... don't be a grinch) then this one will be well up your street! Big tunes.


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